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Closing Disclosure Forms

If you and your staff are exhausted from spending endless hours typing, correcting -- and retyping --  Closing Disclosure forms, we have the solution!

Our award-winning Quick & Easy™ automated forms software provides you with the most powerful, reliable and effortless way to complete your legal forms transactions. Our forms are used by thousands of professionals.

Simply enter information using screens that look just like the actual forms; then sit back while the completed forms are created by your laser printer using plain paper. Quick & Easy pays for itself with the first form you fill out!

Everything Is Done For You!

enter data directly on the screen 

Blindingly fast data entry using screens that look just like the actual forms.

  • No need to learn anything new, just enter the data into the on-screen forms.
  • On-screen forms expand to hold as much data as you need, then automatically adjust at print time to look just like the originals.
automatic prorations 

How many times have you been at a settlement, only to have things change during the settlement? Or even worse, you've just spent an hour filling out the disclosure forms and calculating all of the prorations, only to have the settlement date change! With Quick&Easy it's no problem.

Just change the settlement date on the top of the form, and all prorations and affected totals are automatically changed, saving you hours of work and frustration.

 automatic calcuations

Throw away your calculators and spreadsheets because Quick & Easy does it all for you.

  • We've done the hard work and programmed all of the subtotals and totals into the forms so you don't have to do anything but enter the numbers.
  • All math functions are automatic and update instantly.
  • Quickly enter the details and let us handle the math and eliminate mistakes.
automatic data transfer between fields and forms

Data easily transfers between related fields, even on different forms, saving valuable time and eliminating errors.

  • Totals from the detail schedules are automatically transferred to the appropriate lines on the main schedule.
  • Many of our forms packages are fully integrated so that information will quickly transfer between related forms in different packages.

print forms and data on blank paper

No need to search for the current blank forms. Print your completed forms using your laser printer.

  • Print double sided forms if you have a duplex printer.
  • Fax any form without leaving the program.
Create PDF of completed form GENERATE PDF's
Quickly turn any completed form into a PDF for easy transmittal.
As long as you have a current license, we provide unlimited free US based technical support.

Benefits To You

Dramatically increase your profits by saving time on every estate.

Eliminate calculation mistakes, the software does it all for you.

Increase productivity by getting more real work done instead of filling out forms.

Your staff will be happier when they don't have to waste time on the drudgery of filling out forms.

Professional looking documents without white out or corrections increase client satisfaction.
Easy to read laser printed documents are easier for clients to review.

Because data transfers between forms, you will have consistency between documents.

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Not Sure?

We know that you will be completely delighted with your new forms software so we offer a No-Questions-Asked money-back guarantee. Use the software and our free technical support for 30 full days, and if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply let us know and we'll give your money back.

If you have questions, you can call us at 800-556-7526 right now!

30 day money back guarantee

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30 day money back guarantee

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 What About The PDF Forms Available On The Web?

This is a great question that we are frequently asked now that some government agencies make PDF versions of their forms available on their web sites.

While we can't speak to all available forms, generally their functionality is limited by the fact that they are created with PDF, not a dedicated forms engine such as Quick & Easy.

Users have reported the following problems:

  • Calculations are limited if they exist at all.
  • There is no convenient way to add more data than will fit on the basic form.
  • Data doesn't transfer between schedules.
  • There is no way to transfer your data to a county or federal form without retyping it.
  • There is no technical support - you are on your own.

We get lots of business from people who have tried the free forms and simply give up.

Use our forms for 30 days, and if you don't agree that they are worth your modest investment, we'll gladly give you your money back.